The Annuity Lab


The Annuity Lab is a web and mobile application that provides tools for the comparison of Living Benefit riders and Fixed Index Annuities. New Branch implemented key parts of The Annuity Lab application in collaboration with Astea Solutions and Context Digital of Columbus, Ohio on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

In particular we developed a new tool within the Annuity Lab Toolkit, the Income Modeler, which gives users insight into how the money they invested would provide income over a period of 30 years and how they can manage their withdrawals in order to suit their needs. We also enhanced the original tool, Living Benefit Comparison, where we introduced a more detailed breakdown of withdrawals as well as new comparison options that provide a better overview of how the user can manage their income.


React, JavaScript, Apache Cordova, iOS, Docker


Launch Website

What we did

  • Software design and architecture
  • Development

Total work

  • 12 man-months

We collaborated over a period of more than 6 months. The New Branch team took over the development of the application and resolved a number of technical challenges. What was equally impressive was their attention to detail when it came to implementing edge cases and their constant desire to improve the user experience. This resulted in an end product that exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Yuriy Donev — Expert Systems Engineer @ Astea Solutions

Yuriy Donev — Expert Systems Engineer @ Astea Solutions