We take full responsibility of the product's implementation. and we assist our clients in all stages of the software development lifecycle.

Business requirements analysis

We work together with our customers to prepare a list of well defined features and tasks, which are prioritized based on their added value, complexity and cost. This enables decision makers to plan budgets, milestones and release dates.

Software design and architecture

We evaluate different designs and search for the most appropriate solution that fits project's constraints. We rely on industry proven open source technologies to solve common problems, to reduce the cost of development and to maximize the added value.


Our code is always readable, documented, tested and we are proud of it. With practices like code reviews, automated testing, static code analysis and continuous delivery, we can satisfy even the highest quality standards.


We have deployed scalable solutions on different public cloud platforms, as well as on private servers. Our infrastructure is written as code, which allows us to easily set up different environments and serves as a comprehensive documentation.

Support & Maintenance

After the application is developed we are always there to help.